Bridge Interface

The greenGO bridge interface is intended to connect remote locations to a greenGO network.
This can be in one of 2 scenario’s: Bridge or User.
The Bridge unit can run 2 separate connections in any of the 2 modes.
The BridgeX can support 4 connections.

The Bridge Connection mode will connect 2 greenGO networks together via a separate network or internet. The Audio and optionally call signals will be transported from one greenGO network to the other. This will then create 1 group spread over two sites. The group ID and name does not need to be the same on both sides.

Bridge Ports can also be configured to enable remote users. A greenGO device in Remote connection mode, located in a remote location, can connect to the port via the internet and simply becomes another user in the system.

Interface GGBRIDGE

Product Reference: GGBRIDGE

4-Wire Analogue Interfaces

Green-GO 4-wire, audio in/out interface with contact closures connects to an existing matrix or other analog interfacing products (program audio in / announce out). The dual in/out XLR ports allow two separate audio signals (or a stereo signal) be injected into the Green-GO network and transmitted to any other location on the same Ethernet network.

2-Wire Analogue Interfaces

Green-GO 2-wire/partyline interface links the system into an existing analog ring/partyline system

Features include:

  • Links 4-wire analogue intercom system into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network
  • Links 2-wire/partyline analogue intercom system into the GreenGO digital Ethernet network
  • Backlit menu display and rotary encoder/switch for interface setup
  • Powered by Power Over Ethernet (suitable network power supplyis needed e.g. GreenGO 5-port switch) or separate DC power supply
  • Includes Ethernet in/out with 100MBit switch.
  • Options for AC/DC call and 2-channel modes
4-Wire Interface GG4W

Product Reference: 4-Wire Interface GG4W

4-Wire Interface

2-Wire Interface GG2W

Product Reference: 2-Wire Interface GG2W

Ethernet Switches

The Green-GO Ethernet switch has been designed specifically for linking a Green-GO communications system into an existing Ethernet network, and to provide a Power Over Ethernet supply to Green-GO outstations. This professional-standard Ethernet switch has 5 or 8 ports and a powerful processor to avoid network slowdown and data crashes.

Interface GSS5PoE

Product Reference: GSS5PoE


Product Reference: GSS8PoE