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has many of the features seen in more complex and expensive ‘matrix’ communication systems. It is an intercom, cue light, show relay and text messaging system all in one. Each outstation holds all routing data, system set-up and user preferences. Operating without a central matrix eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic single component failure. In the event of a problem, a faulty device can be easily removed, with its replacement able to clone all system configurations from a neighboring device upon introduction to the network. 
This innovative concept is based on the principle that each user’s outstation has an exact copy of all routing and setup information, rather than held centrally in communications matrix as in other systems. A simple system can comprise as little as two beltpacks, connected to the same Ethernet  network with PoE.

Green-GO is based on a 100Mbps Ethernet network with Power over Ethernet. It offers a maximum of 250 groups (or partylines/rings) from two to more than 3000 users, just by adding outstations to the network.

System designers and integrators have been taking advantage of Ethernet networking to distribute and manage the control and feedback data required for  dimmers, automated lighting units and LED video display panels.


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