Wired PoE Beltpack

The Green-GO Beltpack features a full-color OLED high-resolution display, providing text information, cue signals, and the functions of the 4 buttons.

Two rotary encoders, one on either side of the unit to suit both right and left handed users, are clickable to answer the latest audio source. They can also be programmed to control various other functions, for example one for level and one for channel selection. Four push buttons can be configured to provide instant access up to four channels.

All matrix data is held within the beltpack, which is powered via POE. Headphone/microphone set (not supplied) connects via a 4-pin XLR4 panel connector.

Easy Setup:

  1. Find an Ethernet network (with Power over Ethernet)
  2. Take two Green-GO beltpacks and connect them anywhere in the Ethernet network, or connect them together using a Green-GO switch.
  3. Plug in a standard headset/mic
  4. Hold a private conversation.
  5. For more users, just choose the outstations that will be most appropriate (beltpack, wall-mounted, desk or rack-mounted) and plug those into the Ethernet network.
  6. The setup procedure can be completed using front panel controls, but an easier way is to connect a PC or Mac into the Ethernet network and set up each user and Green-GO outstation using the free Green-GO Control Software.
Wired PoE Beltpack front view
Wired PoE Beltpack horizontal wiew

Product Reference: Wired Beltpack GGO-PBX

Wireless Beltpack

The Green-GO Wireless Beltpack utilizes DECT wireless frequencies. With the Green-GO Wireless System, 1 antenna can serve 4 beltpacks, and each beltpack can be connected to 4 antennas.

And that’s all that’s required - there is no separate interface needed to connect your new wireless Green-GO into the existing wired system.  Simply plug in the wireless antenna, clone the configuration to the beltpacks, and you’re on your way!

Features include:

  • Operates with any other Green-GO beltpack or multichannel desk (no matrix or interface required).
  • Powered by Power Over Ethernet (suitable network power supply is needed e.g. Green-GO 5-port switch), no batteries required for the antenna.
  • All interconnection routing data, system setup and preferences are held in local memory and updated via the network and is updated/replaced if a beltpack or a desk is changed or added to the network.
  • Green-GO Control freeware may be downloaded from the Green-GO website.


  • EU-DECT (CAT-iq V2.0, v3.0 partly), DECT6.0 for North America and Japan DECT
  • IETSI (EU-DECT) and FCC(DECT 6.0) certified J-DECT pre-certified
  • IETSI 300 444 (DECT GAP) compliant
  • RF range: 1870 MHz to 1930 MHz
  • Receiver sensitivity <-93dBm

Transmit power:

  • EU: 23 dBm: 1881 MHz - 1897 MHz
  • USA: 20 dBm: 1921 MHz - 1928 MHz
  • JP: 23 dBm: 1895 MHz - 1903 MHz 
Wireless beltpack back view

Product Reference: Wireless Beltpack GGO-WBPX

Wireless Beltpack front wiew
Beltpack antenna

Product Reference : Wireless Antenna GGO-WAA